School Spirit Weeks and Dress Up Days :: When Will it End?

I’m sure you’ve seen the memes running around Facebook. As kids, we just needed to wake up and get dressed for school. Now, we have to plan costumes, grab canned goods, and make sure to go out for dinner to support the school for nearly half of the month every month … at least that’s what it’s beginning to feel like.

A Different Theme Every Week

Red ribbon week, homecoming week, 50th day of school, 100th day of school, the sky is blue day! Whatever it is, there seems to be a dress up day to go along with it. If you are the type of mom who thrives on this, I commend you. I wish I was creative enough to throw an outfit together for my kids within days. I am not that mom. Not at all.

I see the messages come through regarding the upcoming days and I cringe. Not for the fact of the reason for celebration (most days),  but for the sheer idea of trying to find time to get these outfits together so my kids can participate. Its fun! It gets them excited for school. I love the idea and reasoning behind it all. but I’m tired. It doesn’t matter how much time I’m given to plan, I always seem to fall short.

Our most recent day was Greek Day. Two days after Halloween/Word Day. Thankfully I had a friend who gave me an insanely easy idea for the costume and it came together pretty well, considering.

spirit week and dress up day

I’m Never Prepared

I’m not the type of mom who wants their kid to have the BEST outfit or costume. I want them to participate, I want it to be able to done easily and for as little money as possible. These themed days can add up when you aren’t the person who has all the things on hand. Day of green… you’re wearing a green school spirit shirt, some green Nike shorts, find a green headband or bow and call it day. That’s all I got!

Can we please scale back on these days? Or at least just space them out a bit? I feel like the Fall semester is so much more jam-packed with activities than the Spring. How about we move some of these fun ideas to then to give us parents a break? We appreciate the fun ideas that help to keep the kids interested and excited about school. We also love our sanity and know this would help yours as well.