The Local, Free Workout Group That My Husband Joined

The Local, Free Workout Group That My Husband Joined

Back in October, a friend of ours invited my husband to a workout group in Youngsville. They meet every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 5:15 am at the Youngsville Sports Complex. It was described as a come as you are type of situation, with a group of men from the area, that was totally free. For years, my husband has exercised on and off, alone at our house, because a gym membership just isn’t in the budget. The problem with that system was that he lacked accountability and creativity, so it became really easy for him to push off exercising. 

He went ahead and tried out the group, and has stuck with it ever since! 

The group is actually an international organization called F3 that has groups throughout the US and other parts of the world, and it focuses on gathering men together in faith, fellowship, and fitness by providing opportunities for them to grow together spiritually and physically. 

F3 strives to provide a place that is open to all men (regardless of fitness level), remains free, is held outside rain or shine, and is led by the men who participate in the group.

Each meeting is designed to foster fitness, fellowship, and faith within its members. And as a bonus there’s always coffee provided after each workout! 

Before F3, my husband’s biggest issues with his workout regimen were accountability and creativity. If he missed a workout no one noticed. No one was there to help motivate him or to encourage him to keep going. Now, when he misses a workout because one of the kids is sick or the baby had a bad night and we got 2 hours of sleep, there’s a group of people who both know he isn’t there, and who are lifting those things up in prayer. 

The Local, Free Workout Group That My Husband Joined

Additionally, each workout is created and executed by a different member of the group. This has led to diversity in the exercises that my husband is doing, and his own creativity as he has been encouraged to lead workouts, something he never would have struck out to do on his own. 

To learn more about our local F3 chapter check them out on Facebook  or email them at [email protected] 

You can also check out the F3 organization at


  1. There is a similar organization called Women in Action. They don’t have a chapter around here yet. But please tell your husbands, boyfriends, brothers and men in your life to join us.


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