No One Told Me How Gross Girls Can Be

When I was pregnant with Morgan, we had no idea she was a girl. Everything was yellow or baby blue or green. She graced us with her presence 4 weeks early and everything turned PINK. So many made mention of how easy girls were. So much easier to potty train, they don’t stink like boys, they are neat and tidy, and you can dress them in such cute clothes!

NOPE! Not true! 

Girls are gross! 

Did I mention they can be mean too? That’s a different post for a different day.

Today, EEWWWWWW, I can smell them just thinking about it; I swear I live in a frat house. They are not neat and tidy, and they stink to high heavens. My oldest has yet to learn that deodorant is a MUST. You cannot leave your bathroom without it. Just don’t. Is she in denial? We’ve had “the talk.” She’s learned about all the changes at school and I even took her to the Women’s Foundation “Body Talk” class (Check them out if you haven’t already. Great place!). She knows what’s happening! Well-worn soccer socks placed in her closed hamper for me to find days later after looking for a dead animal; turned inside out. Wet bath/hair towels left in the corner of her room. The list would take days for me to type out.

She’s not the only frat member. The Vice President lives across the hall – our sweet and prissy Elizabeth (4 years old). Y’all, the wall next to her bed is black from her feet! She sticks them out of the covers and rubs them on the wall. I swear I bathe my kids. This tiny human strips down as she enters the house every afternoon. Shoes at the door, socks tossed about and sometimes found in her toy box in the play room (it’s clear we have a sock problem in our home), hair tie pulled out, bow – gone.  I’m surprised she keeps her clothes on. This one refuses to brush her teeth. Really?!?! Lie down. Let me do it. 

They do clean up nice. Yes, they are mine and yes I am partial. **wink** They are cute messes.
But let’s face it. Girls are not walking rays of sunshine, smelling all sweet with cute outfits and bows. They are tornados that take over your home in the blink of an eye and turn it into the proverbial frat house. Girls are GROSS!! Who’s with me?

**Side note – if I find any sock turned inside out, the owner of said sock must fix it and put it in the washer. I’m NOT touching that!!!

Sara Stevens
Sara is a proud mother of two daughters. Morgan (14), a product of her first marriage, and Elizabeth (5) with her husband of seven years, James. He is a very patient, loving soul who embraces all the ladies in his home, including their Schnauzer, Sadie and Jesse the Cat. Sara is a native of Lafayette turned Texas transplant who moved back to Cajun Country as fast as she could. An only child, she maintains a strong relationship with her parents and believes having close friends is important. When she’s not cheering on soccer, volleyball or fixing top knots for dance class, you can find Sara at her day job as an insurance agent for a local agency. She loves spending time at the beach with her family, traveling to new places, and indulging in local food and drink - then working it all off at Red’s. Oh, and all things UL. Geaux Cajuns! She’s just living life wildly. One day at a time.



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