Tips To Find Your Next Read

Tips To Find Your Next Read

I like to set a reading goal for myself at the beginning of the year. Whether I reach my goal or not, depends on several factors. One is if I’m able to find books that I actually like reading. I love a good fantasy series that I can’t put down. Other factors are how much of my time I allot to reading or other hobbies, like TV binge watching, or just other responsibilities. Whether you’re an avid reader or your goal this year is to make reading your new hobby, I hope this list helps you find the perfect book for you.


I love the Goodreads app. It helps me set my reading goals for the year and visualize if I’m on track to meet those goals. I can add books that I’ve read, plus keep track of all the books I want to read. I can see what my friends and other people are reading in the same genres as me. I also enjoy reading reviews on different books to see if I want to read them. You can also follow authors to see when their next book comes out.


Another book tracking app that I’ve been hearing a lot about is StoryGraph. You can take a survey to see what books the app recommends according to your preferences. It has some similar features to Goodreads like book reviews and reading challenges. I haven’t personally used the app but have heard good reviews from others.


TikTok is so helpful for finding new books. I love hearing BookTok reviews and adding new books to my reading list from it. I’ve even seen bookstores curate sections of books specifically from their popularity BookTok.

Book Subscriptions

I just recently signed up for a few book subscriptions. I honestly hadn’t realized how many were out there. One of the more well-known ones is Book of the Month. Basically, you pay a monthly fee, and you get new books in the mail. This is a great way to build your library with beautiful books and try new books you might have never picked up otherwise. The downfalls can be cost, and some subscriptions are so popular they have waiting lists to join.


Don’t forget Audible for audiobook subscriptions. My husband loves Audible and has listened to so many great books through it.


Libby is FREE app that you can access through your library. It has tons of books and audiobooks to choose from. My family uses this app daily, and we can’t recommend it enough if you love reading.

Tips To Find Your Next Read

Join Or Start A Book Club

Have a few friends that like reading? Get together and start your own book club. You could vote on the book or take turns choosing a book. Your local library is a great resource and may have several types of book clubs available to join. What a fun way to meet new book loving friends. Don’t forget about online book clubs too. Reese’s Book Club, started by Reese Witherspoon, is completely free to join and has lots of resources to encourage you to read and connect with other readers.

Kindle Unlimited

The Kindle app on my phone is how I read most of my books. It’s so convenient because I have my phone with me at all times so I can read at any given time whenever I have a minute to spare. My Kindle Unlimited subscription is how I find a lot of my reads. It will give suggestions based on books that I’ve already read, and they are usually spot on.

Facebook Groups

This might be showing my age, but I love genre specific book Facebook groups. There is so much good info in these groups for people who like the same types of books. I am very inclined to try a book if there are multiple posts a day about a book. I also like that I can say, “If I liked Fourth Wing, what book can I read that is similar?” You can chat about your favorite characters, cliff hangers, book covers, all the things. Just search specific genres like fantasy romance or historical fiction and see what groups come up.

Best Seller Lists

We’ve all seen book covers that say New York Times best seller. I don’t always go with a book according to these types of lists, but usually there’s a reason why some books are so popular.


I enjoy browsing bookstores, but it can be over whelming. I appreciate whenever bookstores have staff reviews posted throughout the store.

How do you find your next book to read? Let me know!



Sicily Smith
Sicily grew up in Acadiana and graduated from UL Lafayette in 2011 with a degree in fashion merchandising and design. She has spent the last decade moving around the world while her husband served in the military. She returned to Lafayette in 2022 to raise her four daughters in Cajun country. Her daughters Evie(9), Talulah(6), Gemma(4), and Sylvie(1) keep her house messy, her schedule busy, and her heart full. These days she’s traded her fancy clothes for a strong cup of coffee, comfy leggings, and a good book. Her hobbies include going to local music festivals and farmers markets, trying new restaurants, running, and starting a bookclub with her daughters. She is also currently writing her first children’s book.


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