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Being a present and involved parent isn’t just about putting the children first. Motherhood is also about finding the right work/life balance for each season of life, picking up hobbies that you love whether that’s embroidery or gardening and making time for friends. Naturally, it is pretty hard to also set aside time to prioritize your marriage amidst motherhood, but at Lafayette Mom we want to normalize talking about relationships, divorce, dating and even the reasons all moms should schedule a boudoir shoot. Whether you grew your family via natural conception, the gift of adoption or the lengthy and difficult journey of IVF, it can be challenging to stay present with your kids and partner at the same time.

At Lafayette Mom, our writing team of 20+ local Lafayette mom writers (and sometimes, dads) have a lot to say about marriage and relationships, as we all understand that great relationships take intention, dedication and even intentionality in the bedroom (yes, we go there, too).

Keeping your marriage and relationship alive and exciting can be exceedingly difficult, but at Lafayette Mom, we also know that achieving happiness with your partner is absolutely possible with dedication, open communication and a supportive community of moms. Whether it’s a date night in downtown Lafayette or hitting a restaurant from the Lafayette date night bucket list, we know that sometimes you just need a night out and away from the kids to feel human again!

We’ve got ideas on how to maintain great relationships with your girlfriends, as well as how to clean your social media feed in order to protect your own mental health. When it comes to keeping your marriage alive and healthy, we also suggest breaking out the lingerie from time to time!

The writers at Lafayette Mom are local moms in Lafayette, LA who genuinely understand the pressure of raising little ones while also trying to enjoy a happy, satisfying and healthy marriage. They are open and authentic, as well as eager to share everything from how losing yourself in motherhood can ruin your marriage to how to have “the talk” with your kids. Whether you are a single mom, a mom without full custody of her kids or a Lafayette mom looking for new friends, you can always sit with us.

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